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The Research Contract programme is part of the general programme of the Agency’s technical divisions and is generally funded from the regular budget, and if needed, from extra-budgetary resources. Research contracts are concerned with research leading to the solution of specific problems and are undertaken in a coordinated fashion involving institutions’ participation. Most research contracts are awarded on the initiative of the Agency and in relation to various coordinated programmes undertaken by the Agency’s technical divisions. However, certain proposals for research contracts initiated externally can also be supported.

Scientific institutions in AFRA member countries are encouraged to submit proposals for research contracts under the general framework of AFRA programmes. Proposals should be submitted to the Research Contract Administration Section of the Agency in the appropriate form indicating the relationship of the proposal to the AFRA Programme. Since research contracts under the AFRA Programme will be regional in nature and follow a coordinated approach, it will be essential to include a number of institutions in AFRA countries in the same research contract.

To the maximum extent possible, research contracts incorporated in AFRA projects should compliment the foreseen activities, address specific problems and benefit end-users. In general, they should bridge the gap between innovative practices developed elsewhere and their application in AFRA member states. Examples include adaptation of clinical protocols in radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, producing animal feed packages for dissemination to member states and developing new technologies suited to African conditions such as the Borehole Disposal Concept for the disposal of radioactive sources.

The AFRA-PMC should be intimately involved in the process of initiation, approval and implementation of research contracts to be incorporated into AFRA projects.

Proposals will be examined by an internal Agency committee and approved by the Director-General. The Research Contract Administration Section of the Agency will undertake all administrative arrangements relating to research contracts.