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RAF/0/026: Sustaining the Regional Capability for the Utilization of Information and Communications Technologies for Human Resource Development (AFRA V-6)

RAF/0/027: Consumer Safety and Trade Development through Competent Nuclear Testing and Metrology Laboratories (AFRA IV-13)

RAF/0/031: Promoting Human Resources Development and Nuclear Knowledge Management

RAF/0/032: Promoting Sustainability of African Nuclear Institutions and Other End Users of Nuclear Techniques (AFRA)

RAF/0/036: Enhancing Regional Ownership of the AFRA Programme


RAF/0/038: Promoting Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries (TCDC) in Africa through Triangular Partnerships

RAF/0/041: Sharing best practises in preventive maintenance of medical and scientific equipment

RAF/1/004: Supporting Radioisotope Technology as a Diagnostic Tool for Plant Process Performance, Optimization and Troubleshooting (AFRA)

RAF/2/008: Strengthening and Expanding Radiopharmacy in Africa


RAF/2/009: Sustainable Energy Planning


RAF/3/006: Improving Waste Management Infrastructure in Africa


RAF/4/019: Developing Urban Zone Air Pollution Monitoring


RAF/4/022: Enhancing Research Reactor Utilization and Safety


RAF/5/057: Strengthening Capacities for the Diagnosis and Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases

RAF/5/066: Improving Crops Using Mutation Induction and Biotechnology through a Farmer Participation Approach

RAF/5/067 “Establishing a Food Safety Network through the Application of Nuclear and Related Technologies

RAF/6/037: Sustaining Clinical Nuclear Medicine Techniques in the Management of Diseases, Including Coronary Artery Disease (AFRA)

RAF/6/038: Promoting Regional and National Quality Assurance Programmes for Medical Physics in Nuclear Medicine (AFRA)

RAF/6/039: Applying Isotope Techniques to Monitor and Improve Infant and Young Child Nutrition Interventions in AFRA Countries


RAF/6/040: Applying Molecular Techniques to Interventions Against the Major Poverty Related Diseases (HIV, TB and Malaria) for Improving Disease Control


RAF/6/044 Strengthening Medical Physics in Support of Cancer Management - Phase II

RAF/6/045 Strengthening Regional Human Resource Building and Treatment Capacity in Radiotherapy

RAF/8/048: Building Capacity in Support of Regional and Sub-regional Programmes Related to the Characterisation of Shared Water resources


RAF/9/038: Promoting Self Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructures for Safety and Networking of Regulatory Bodies in Africa


RAF/9/041: Developing Human Resources in Nuclear Security


RAF/9/048:  Strengthening Education and Training Infrastructure, and Building Competence in Radiation Safety